Horizontal boring mills


Horizontal boring mill – table type

  • no matter what the original type is (from WHN9A to WH10CNC) the machine after upgrade reaches parameters comparable to a new one
  • new or upgraded headstock up to 2500 rpm
  • optionally non-sliding spindle up to 5000 rpm

Main Parameters

Workspindle diameter 100 mm
Clamping taper 50 ISO
Spindle speed range max. 2500 rpm
Headstock travel (Y) 900 / 1150 mm
Table longitudinal travel (Z) 1200 mm
Table transversal travel (X) 950 mm
Spindle travel (W) max. 710 mm
Table clamping surface 1000 x 1120 mm x mm
Table loading capacity 3000 kg

Complete Parameters

Machine Parameters
Control system + motors / drives Heidenhain iTNC 530 + Heidenhain
Siemens SIN 840 D + Siemens
Workspindle diameter 100 mm
Clamping taper 50 ISO
Tool shank 2080 DIN
Clamping adapter - screw 69872-A DIN
Spindle speed range 10 - 2500 rpm
Main motor power - Heidenhain / Siemens 20 / 20 kW
Maximum torque of the spindle 2200 Nm
X…transversal travel of table 1200 mm
Z…longitudinal travel of column 950 mm
Y…vertical travel of headstock 900 / 1150 mm
W…spindle stroke 710 mm
Table clamping surface 1000 x 1120 mm x mm
Width of T-slots 23 H8 mm
Table loading capacity 3000 kg
Feeds... X, Y, Z, W - manual mode 4 – 500 mm / min
Feeds... X, Y, Z - automatic mode 4 - 8000 mm / min
Feeds... W - automatic mode 4 - 6800 mm / min
Rapid traverse…X, Y, Z 8000 mm / min
Rapid traverse…W 6800 mm / min
Rapid traverse of table rotation…B 3 rpm
Total power consumption 50 kVA
Machine weight 13000 kg
Total area including CE - approximate 5500 x 6500 mm x mm

Detailed Specification

WHN9-CNC/25, WH10NC-CNC/25 - horizontal boring mill – table type

These specification cover all machines from the series WHN9A, WHN9B, WHN9C, WH10NC ca. up to 1990 which are of the same concept after reconstruction and differ only in the details.


  • contouring horizontal boring machine
  • fixed column, crosswise travelling table
  • 4 linear axes, rotary table
  • sliding workspindle
  • machine designed for universal application in engineering production
  • suitable for roughing as well as for finishing
  • optionally can be fitted by tool cooling kit (CHZ), cooling through spindle axis (CHOV) or oil-mist cooling
  • also can be fitted by non-sliding workspindle up to 5000 rpm or by motorspindle as specified by client

Controlling of the Machine

  • all functions of the machine, except tool clamping and unclamping, are controlled via the control panel, which consists of a keyboard, a switch panel and a LCD monitor
  • the tool clamping and unclamping is controlled by switches on the headstock
  • the control panel is completed with a portable control panel (handwheel), which duplicates some basic functions of the control of the machine
  • the control panel is situated on the rotary console in front of the headstock
  • the control system allows manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic modes
  • the standard communication interface allows connection with ethernet for easy administration and distribution of technological programs as well as diagnostic or service works of the control system

Basic Version

Control System

  • HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 + handwheel
  • SIEMENS SIN 840D + handwheel

Powered Axes

  • X – travel of rotary table slide on saddle
  • Z – travel of saddle on bed
  • Y – vertical headstock travel on column
  • W – spindle travel
  • B – table rotation
  • S – workspindle rotation

Machine Capabilities

  • X, Y, Z, W axes powered in interpolation
  • B axis powered only positionally
  • linear interpolation of four axes
  • circular interpolation of two of four axes powered in interpolation
  • spiral interpolation
  • spacial interpolation - spline in space
  • interpolation of S and Z (W) axes - spindle turning depending on the Z (W) axis position - enables thread cutting without use of a compensating bushing

Kinematics of the X, Y, Z, W Axes

  • brushless digital servomotor with servo-drive
  • clearance-free gearing of the timing belt
  • ball screw

Kinematics of the B Axis

  • brushless digital servomotor with servo-drive
  • planetary gearbox with minimum clearance
  • gear set + gear ring

Group Guidance

  • guideways on all linear axes are reinforced with hardened steel plates
  • counterways casted by plastic
  • counterways of headstock are lined with TURCITE including key
  • guideways of the rotary table are scrapped


  • central, axial lubrication
  • frequency of lubrication cycles correlates to travelled track of a particular group


  • X, Y, Z, B axes – hydraulically
  • W axis - not clamped - positional feedback


  • sliding workspindle
  • spindle cavity blown with air during tool-changing cycle
  • spindle driven by four mechanical lines – gears
  • hydraulic shifting of each line
  • headstock balancing - ropes and counterweight led in column
  • setup of tool cooling by jets on headstock front side

Hydraulic Power Pack

  • HYTOS hydraulic and lubrication set
  • lubrication of all axes
  • clamping X, Y, Z, B
  • unclamping of the tool

Admeasurement of Position

  • HEIDENHAIN digital optical admeasuring
  • X, Y, Z axes – LS 187 rules
  • W axis - read out from motor – EnDat
  • B axis – ROD 280
  • S axis – ROD 486

Energy Distribution

  • IGUS chain energy carriers

Coverage of Machine

  • complete coverage of guideways of X, Z axes
  • partial coverage of Y axis

CE - valid only for the European Union

  • comprehensive safety elements according to the applicable legislation and technical standards
  • operator housing
  • working area of the machine is fenced off



  • tool cooling set with jets on headstock front side
  • separate cooling unit – tank with pump, level gauge, pressure test
  • tank volume approx. 60 l
  • maximal pressure 4 bars / 25 l/min
  • setup for tool cooling always included – distribution pipes, jets


  • once production has started is not possible to add into configuration
  • separate cooling unit with filter and magnetic swarf separator required
  • maximal pressure 40 bars – emulsion - tank volume 1000 l
  • maximal pressure 80 bars – oil - tank volume 100 l
  • both emulsion and oil may not be used for one particular machine
  • other necessary alterations to machine and CE features depend on the required cooling pressure
  • for pressure higher than 10 bars the cover of the workpiece or of the machine must be used

Oil-Mist Cooling

  • can be added to machine at any time
  • easy to assemble
  • easy to use

Non-Sliding Spindle

  • non-sliding spindle up to 5000 rpm
  • distance of spindle face from headstock face c. 300 mm
  • spinle drive with four hydraulically switched mechanical lines remains principally the same


  • spindle parameters as specified by client


  • machine design can be customized



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ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

Since the 8th of June 2018 we have been certified according to the new standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

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