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Initial operation of RET10X

26. 10. 2021 08.30

Modernisation of machine shop for large workpieces. Initial operation of new RET10X boring mill.

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Certificate ISO 9001

26. 5. 2021 13.16

Due to closure of the TÜV branch in the Czech Republic, we changed the certifying company.

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23. 11. 2020 16.40

Company's measures against the Corona virus.

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Second Hand Machines

6. 8. 2019 11.32

NEW: RETOS sells second hand machines.

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Interview in Magazine Inside Industry

30. 7. 2019 11.05

Do you want to learn more about the company's history and strategy or about the current challenges?

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Metalloobrabotka in Russia 27.-31.05.2019

31. 5. 2019 10.17

Guest at TOS VARNSDORF exhibition stand

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CIMT China 15.–20.4.2019

20. 4. 2019 11.05

Exhibition stand with other Czech companies

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Strojimport GmbH presents RET10X

17. 1. 2019 11.25

RET10X T-type boring mill presented by STROJIMPORT GmbH in Germany 

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New RET10P in Canada

15. 11. 2018 09.23

Installation of RET10P floor type boring mill at customer's premises in Canada

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25 Years of RETOS VARNSDORF s.r.o.

5. 11. 2018 09.20

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ISO 9001

Since the 14th of May 2021 we have been certified according to the new standards ISO 9001 by QES Cert s.r.o.

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