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LD650 facing head is designed for RET100B, WH10-CNC, WHN13-CNC horizontal milling and boring machines as optional technological accessory.

Facing head can be used for face turning, inside and outside machining of cylindrical, conical and otherwise shaped surfaces of large diameters. The equipment is particularly suitable for the demanding technological operations by the use of full CNC control of the slide.

Facing head is mounted manually on the headstock (centring hole of the hollow spindle). Tool holder is positioned manually onto the slide.

Tool is mounted manually into the tool holder. 


Facing head diameter 650 mm
U... tool slide travel 170 mm
Facing diameter range 300 - 1000 mm
Inside boring diameter range 300 - 1000 mm
Dimension / pitch of clamping T-slots 12 H11 / 180 mm
Maximum facing head working speed 150 rpm
Maximum spindle speed with mounted facing head 200 rpm
Maximum torque RET100B, WH10-CNC 1640 Nm
WHN13-CNC 3322 Nm
Tool slide feed range 1 - 1000 mm/min
Rapid traverse of tool slide 1000 mm/min
Ratio of spindle stroke to tool slide travel 1:01
Cylindrical surface machining accuracy IT 7
Total facing head weight 200 kg



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