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Automatic Tool Changer

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Automatic tool changer (ATC) R04 is designed for RET10X, RET10P, RET100B horizontal milling and boring machines as an optional technological accessory.

R04 provides changing tools into the machine spindle.

The device is firmly installed on a clamping plate (RET10P) or a machine worktable or an additional pick-up table (RET10X, RET100B).

A tool change is fully automatic. The rack is filled semiautomatically via the spindle or manually directly into the rack.

Main Parameters

Tool changing time 20 s
Number of tools in one rack 10 pcs
Maximum number of racks 6 pcs
Tool pocket pitch 130 mm
Maximum tool diameter 125 mm
Maximum tool length 500 mm
Maximum tool weight 15 kg
Weight without tools 110 kg




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ISO 9001

Since the 14th of May 2021 we have been certified according to the new standards ISO 9001 by QES Cert s.r.o.

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