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The R05 robotic automatic tool changer is designed as optional technological accessory for the horizontal boring and milling machines RET10X, RET10P and RET100B.

It can be used for changing tools in the machine spindle or in milling heads in horizontal or vertical position.

The tool changing system is not fixed to the machine, but anchored in the ground within the machine’s working space.

The tool changing is fully automatic. The filling of the storage rack can be performed semiautomatically using the spindle or manually directly into the storage rack.


Tool changing time up to about 30 s
Number of tools 75, 100, 125 pcs
Tool pocket pitch 130 mm
Maximum tool diameter – unrestricted 125 mm
Maximum tool diameter – with free pockets 200 mm
Maximum tool length 500 mm
Maximum tool weight 15 kg
Maximum weight of tools in magazine – total 600, 800, 1000 kg
Operating air pressure 5 bar
Required air purity 40 microns
Weight without tools ??? kg


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Pavel Hrabák

tel.: +420 604 294 332

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