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Universal Rotary Tables

8. 4. 2023 10.19

We at RETOS produce and sell new rotary tables for more efficient machining on your machine tools.

Here, we are presenting you the manual MT03 version and the CNC RT08 version. For more tables and information go to section Accessories – clamping tables.



MT03 rotary table is an optional technological accessory for the RET10P and HP100 floor type horizontal boring and milling machines.

This rotary table is used as a secondary horizontal clamping surface for workpiece clamping and positioning in vertical axis. Table positioning is performed maunally. The clamping is performed on the main machine clamping surface (clamping plate). MT03 rotary table is set with a lifting device and fastened via T-slots and standardized clamps manually.



Table clamping surface 1250 x 1250 mm x mm
  1500 x 1500 mm x mm
Width of T-slots 22 H8 mm
Table loading capacity – 1250 x 1250 3000 kg
Table loading capacity – 1500 x 1500 2500 kg
Centering hole diameter 180 H6 /10 mm
Table drive ratio 1,41 deg / rev
Voltage 230 V
Table weight 1800 kg
Basic dimensions – length 1800 mm
Basic dimensions – width 1400 / 1650 mm
Basic dimensions – height 400 mm



The NC/CNC rotary table of the original construction is designed as an accessories for the RET10P machine or other machine tools. It is planned to integrate the controlling of the table into the controlling system of the machine.

Contouring rotary table, 1 linear axis + rotary table (NC positioning or CNC interpolation). Designed as an accessories of the technological sites mainly of the floor type horizontal boring mills optimized for RET10P machine. Serves for clamping and positioning of the workpieces as option or complement of the clamping plate. Enlarges the technological capabilities of the machine it is a separate unit and it is not fixed to the machine. It is electrically, on the level of the control system and electrocabinet, fully integrated into the configuration of the machine.



Table loading capacity 8000 kg
Table clamping surface 1250 x 1250 mm x mm
  1500 x 1500 mm x mm
  diameter 1300 mm
Width of T-slots 22 H8 mm
Centering hole diameter 100 H7 mm
V…longitudinal travel of table 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000 mm
Feeds…V – manual mode 4 - 500 mm / min
Feeds…V – automatic mode 4 - 10000 mm / min
Rapid traverse...V 20000 mm / min
Feeds of table rotation…B ** 0 - 16 rpm
Rapid traverse of table rotation…B 21 rpm
** increase in speed possible if torque is reduced  
Table weight 3600 - 4200 kg
Basic dimensions – length 2670, 2920, 3170, 3420, 3670 mm
Basic dimensions – width 1250 / 1500 mm
Basic dimensions – height 900 mm