Horizontal boring mills



universal automatic positioning milling head


The SEMPUCO KFU-D2/90 universal automatic positioning milling head is designed for the RET10X, RET10P (RET100B in the machine version with ram) horizontal milling and boring machines as optional technological accessory.

The SEMPUCO KFU-D2/90 milling head can be used to mill and bore in any inclined plane.

The milling head is mounted on the head stock automatically.

The milling head is positioned automatically.


Clamping taper50ISO
Tool shank69871DIN
Tool clamping force18kN
Max. tool diameter160mm
Max. tool length350mm
Max. tool weight30kg
Max. permissible spindle speed3 500rpm
Max. permissible transmitted power (from nominal speed)20kW
Max. permissible torque on the spindle (to nominal speed)600Nm
Nominal speed318rpm
Speed transmission from machine spindle to milling head spindle01:01
Rotatability of the rotatable milling head part – C axis+/-95deg
Rotatability of the rotatable milling head part – A axis+/-110deg
Hirth serration division for A/C axis positioning – standard/optional2,5/1deg
Precision of Hirth serration division+/-3arcsec
Milling head positioning speed30rpm
Max. tangential load on Hirth serration5 000Nm
Max. feed force in the direction of the milling head spindle axis8 400N
Total milling head weightca. 450kg



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