Horizontal boring mills


rotary table

  • manually driven rotary table
  • 1 nonlinear axis – table rotation
  • designed as accessory for technological sites and machine tools
  • for clamping and positioning of workpieces as option or complement to the clamping plate
  • orientation of the clamping surface – horizontal

Main Parameters

Table clamping surface 1250 x 1250 mm x mm
1500 x 1500 mm x mm
Width of T-slots 22 H8 mm
Table loading capacity – 1250 x 1250 3000 kg
Table loading capacity – 1500 x 1500 2500 kg
Centering hole diameter 180 H6 /10 mm
Table drive ratio 1,41 deg / rev
Voltage 230 V
Table weight 1800 kg
Basic dimensions – length 1800 mm
Basic dimensions – width 1400 mm
Basic dimensions – height 400 mm



  • hand crank
  • can be driven by using a hand drill with a driving bit
  • gearing +  ring gear

Group Guidance

  • guideways of the rotary table are scraped


  • lubrication of the kinematics and the guideways is derived from the rotation of the driving shaft – pump
  • central lubrication, connection to the lubrication system of the machine (optional)


  • manually by levers

Position Measurement

  • PZI version – preparation for additional installation of rotary encoder and DRO
  • 4x90° optical readout
  • HEIDENHAIN position measurement (optional) – incremental rotary encoder + ND 280 DRO

CE – valid only for the European Union

  • the table is supposed to be integrated into the safety system of the technological site (machine) according to the applicable legislation and technical standards


The table design can be customized.


Standardly Delivered Accessories

  • KM anchoring kit
  • basic tool kit for operation and maintenance
  • basic spares kit
  • technical documentation

Optional Accessories

  • UK500 clamping cube
  • UU800, UU950, UU1120 clamping angle plates
  • spares kit for 3-year operation



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ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

Since the 8th of June 2018 we have been certified according to the new standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

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