Horizontal boring mills

New Paint Shop

7. 12. 2023 13.11

Our machine tools stand out due to their modern design. That is not least because of their signature colours white, green and grey. Therefore, it is essential to paint every single component of the machine housings in exactly the right shades. The finishing touch then is achieved by special foils.

For this purpose, now no machine part has to leave our premises anymore. Everything can be done in our premises, because lately, we could open our own spray paint booth. We have not only built fully technologically equipped facilities, but also hired qualified employees and taken measures to protect their health and the environment.

We expect to significantly reduce the production time. Moreover, we will save shipping costs to and from external suppliers, thus resulting in a reduction of our carbon footprint.

The new paint booth enables us to provide customized solutions and to extend our offer for cooperations.

Spray paint booth parameters

Length 721 cm
Width 396 cm
Height 280 cm
Air exchange 20.000 m3 / h
Noise level 75 - 80 db
Painting temperature 20 °C
Drying temperature 80 °C
Heat performance 180.000 kcal/h