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RETOS expands photovoltaic system

4. 1. 2024 14.33

Until now, the buildings of the headquarters of RETOS VARNSDORF s.r.o.were equipped with a photovoltaic system with a maximum total output of 25 kWp. Recently, the performance has been significantly increased.

In September, two new certified Sunergy brand photovoltaic systems without storage with an output of 146.7 kWp were installed. The new facility is ground-mounted and free-standing, facing south.

This means that on sunny summer days, the electricity required for all offices as well as for the operation of our machines can be now be supplied, for the most part, by the photovoltaic system.

This significantly improves the balance between energy output and input.
At the same time, this means a certain level of security and independence so that operations can continue even in the event of short-term power outages.
And last but not least, the use of this renewable energy is our contribution to sustainability and environmental protection.

This project was co-funded by the Czech Modernisation Fund based on the decision of the Minister of the environment.

 Targets of the project

Indicator Unit Initial value Target value
Newly installed performance of
renewable energy source (kWp)
kWp 0 146.70
CO2 emission reduction t CO2/year 0 126.50
Reduction of primary energy from
non-renewable sources
MWh/year 0 382.46
Energy to be produced by
renewable engergy source
MWh/year 0 147.10