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UK clamping cubes are optional accessories for horizontal boring and milling machines.

A clamping cube is a device used for workpiece clamping. 

The clamping is performed on the machine's main clamping surface (table or clamping plate).

UK clamping cubes are fastened via T-slots and standardized clamping claws manually using lifting devices.

Main Parameters

Designation UK500 UK500 UK1000 UK1500 UK2000 UK2500 UK3000
Version (standard) PN 243230 NPP 225
Hardness of functional surfaces 190 ± 10 HB
Loading capacity [kg/0,25m2] 12000 15000
Clamping slot width 22 H12
Clamping slot pitch 160
Clamping slot amount 3+3 2+1+1
Thread holes M20
Height 500
Width of clamping/foot surface 500 / 560 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Depth of clamping/foot surface 480 / 530 400
Weight [kg] 300 400 800 1200 1600 2000 2400


Depending on the size, are offered two clamping cube versions – see illustrations/standards.

Customised version on demand (slot pitch and size, threads and connection holes)



UK500 – UK3000 clamping cubes are high-quality gray iron castings with reinforcement ribs for high stiffness.

The cubes‘ clamping surfaces have T-slots and thread holes.



During clamping, it is necessary to align the UK in order to obtain the required geometric accuracy.

Geometric accuracy can be improved by finishing the clamping cube directly on the machine on which it will be used.




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