Horizontal boring mills


Horizontal Boring Mill – Table Type

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  • solid design
  • travel in the X axis = 1600 mm
  • optionally automatic toolchanger with a tool changing time of 15 s (from cut to cut)

Main Parameters

Workspindle diameter  100  mm 
Clamping taper  50  ISO 
Spindle speed range  3000  rpm 
Table transversal travel (X)  1600  mm 
Headstock travel (Y)  1220  mm 
Table longitudinal travel (Z)  900 / 1710  mm 
Spindle stroke (W)  710  mm 
Table clamping surface  max. 1500 x 1500  mm x mm 
Table loading capacity  max. 5000  kg

Complete Parameters

Machine Parameters
Workspindle diameter 100 mm
Clamping taper 50 ISO
Tool shank 69871 DIN
Clamping adapter – screw 4100793 TOS
Spindle speed range 10 - 3000 rpm
Main motor power (S1/S6-40%) 22 / 34 kW
Maximum torque of the spindle (S1/S6-40%) – two speed range 1097 / 1645 Nm
Maximum torque of the spindle (S1/S6-40%) – four speed range 2173 / 3250 Nm
X…transversal travel of table 1600 mm
Z…longitudinal travel of table 900 / 1710 mm
Y…vertical travel of headstock 1220 mm
W…spindle stroke 710 mm
Table clamping surface 1250 x 1250 mm x mm
1500 x 1500 mm x mm
Width of T-slots 22 H8 mm
Table loading capacity – 1250 x 1250 3000 (5000 *) kg
Table loading capacity – 1500 x 1500 2500 (5000 *) kg
Feeds... X, Y, Z, W – manual mode 4 - 500 mm / min
Feeds... X, Y, Z – automatic mode 4 - 15000 mm / min
Feeds... W – automatic mode 4 - 6800 mm / min
Rapid traverse…X, Y, Z 15000 mm / min
Rapid traverse…W 6800 mm / min
Rapid traverse of table rotation…B 1,6 rpm
Total power consumption 70 kVA
Machine weight 13000 kg
Machine and accessories standard colour white 9010 / green 6018 RAL
Fence standard colour black 9011 / yellow 1018 RAL
Total area including CE – approximate 7000 x 5500 mm x mm
* limited X = 1200 mm, centered workpiece

Technical specification

(technical specification v14.03)

The RET100B is a contouring table type of a horizontal boring machine designed by the company RETOS VARNSDORF s. r. o. It is an option to the manually operated machine W100A.


  • contouring horizontal boring machine
  • fixed column, crosswise travelling table
  • 4 linear axes, rotary table
  • sliding workspindle
  • machine designed for universal application in engineering production
  • suitable for roughing as well as for finishing
  • optionally can be fitted with tool magazine with manipulator (ATC), tool cooling kit (CHZ), cooling through spindle axis (CHOV) or oil-mist cooling (CHM)
  • ready for „Industry 4.0“ 

Controlling of the Machine

  • all functions of the machine, except for tool clamping and unclamping, are controlled via the control panel, which consists of a keyboard, a switch panel and an LCD monitor
  • the tool clamping and unclamping is controlled by switches on the headstock
  • the control panel is supplemented by a portable control panel (handwheel), which duplicates some basic of the functions of the control of the machine
  • the control panel is swivellingly connected to the wall inside the operator housing
  • the control system allows manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic modes
  • the standard communication interface allows a connection with the Ethernet for easy administration and distribution of technological programs, machine operation monitoring, diagnostics or servicing of the control system etc.

Machine design can be customized.

Standard Version

Control System

  • HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 + handwheel
  • HEIDENHAIN drives
  • SIEMENS motors 

Powered Axes

  • X – travel of rotary table slide on saddle
  • Z – travel of saddle on bed
  • Y – vertical headstock travel on column
  • W – spindle stroke
  • B – table rotation
  • S – workspindle rotation

Machine Capabilities

  • X, Y, Z, W axes powered in interpolation
  • B axis powered only positionally
  • linear interpolation of four axes
  • circular interpolation of two out of four axes powered in interpolation
  • spiral interpolation
  • spacial interpolation – spline in space
  • interpolation of S and Z (W) axes – spindle turning depending on the Z (W) axis position – enables thread cutting without use of a compensating bushing
  • technological possibilities may be limited by territorial implementation of the NC program of the control system 

Kinematics of the W Axis

  • brushless digital servomotor with servo-drive
  • clearance-free gearing by timing belt
  • ball screw

Kinematics of the X, Y, Z Axes

  • brushless digital servomotor with servo-drive
  • ball screw – directly driven by motor

Kinematics of the B Axis

  • brushless digital servomotor with servo-drive
  • planetary gearbox with minimum clearance
  • gear set + gear ring

Group Guidance

  • X, Y, Z axes – guideways reinforced with hardened steel plates, counterways with plastic casts, TURCITE-coated jibs 
  • W axis – sliding guideway, cast-iron / steel
  • B axis – guideways of the rotary table are scrapped, cast-iron/TURCITE


  • central, axial lubrication
  • frequency of lubrication cycles correlates with travelled track of the particular group


  • B axis – hydraulically
  • X, Y, Z, W axes – not clamped – positional feedback


  • sliding workspindle
  • spindle cavity blown with air during tool-changing cycle
  • spindle driven in two/four speed ranges – gears
  • hydraulic shifting of each range
  • headstock balancing – hydraulic cylinder with hydropneumatic accumulator
  • setup of tool cooling by jets on headstock front side

Hydraulic Power Pack

  • HYTOS hydraulic and lubrication set
  • lubrication of all axes
  • clamping B
  • unclamping of the tool

Position Measurement

  • HEIDENHAIN digital optical measuring
  • X, Y, Z axes – absolute linear encoders
  • W axis – absolute rotary encoder in motor
  • B axis – absolute angle encoder
  • S axis – incremental rotary encoder

Energy Distribution

  • chain energy carriers

Coverage of Machine

  • complete coverage of guideways of X axis
  • partial coverage of Z, Y axes


CE – compulsory in EU

  • comprehensive safety elements according to the applicable legislation and technical standards
  • operator housing
  • working area of the machine is fenced off

Control System

  • SIEMENS SIN 840D + handwheel
  • SIEMENS drives and motors

ATC R03-30/40 – Automatic Tool Changer

  • ATC facility as a separate unit
  • magazine with servodrive for tool pocket positioning
  • changer driven electrically / pneumatically
 ATC Parameters R03-30 R03-40  
 Tool changing time 15 15 s
 Number of tools 30 40 pcs
 Tool pocket pitch 130 130 mm
 Maximum tool diameter – unrestricted 125 125 mm
 Maximum tool diameter – with free pockets 200 200 mm
 Maximum tool length 500 480 mm
 Maximum tool weight 15 15 kg
 Maximum weight of tools in magazine – total 250 300 kg
 Maximum tool unbalance in magazine wheel 50 70 kg
 Maximum wheel speed 8 5 rpm
 Operating air pressure 5 5 bar
 Required air purity 40 40 microns
 Weight without tools 1240 1380 kg

CHZ – Tool Cooling Kit – Emulsion

  • tool cooling kit with jets on headstock front side
  • separate cooling unit – tank with pump and level gauge
  • tank volume 108 l (usable)
  • maximum pressure 10 bar / 30 l/min
  • setup for tool cooling always included – distribution pipes, jets

CHZ-V – Tool Cooling – Air

  • cold air gun
  • cooling without a thermal shock
  • positive impact on the accuracy and the surface quality
  • high reliability
  • environmentally friendly and low-noise operation
  • almost zero operating costs

CHOV-K – Cooling Through Spindle Axis – Fluid

  • not possible to add into configuration, once the production has started
  • separate cooling unit with filter and magnetic swarf separator
  • tank volume 1000 l
  • maximum pressure 40 bar / 30 l/min
  • other alterations to machine and CE features
  • for pressure higher than 10 bar a workpiece or machine cover is necessary

CHOV-V – Cooling Through Spindle Axis – Air

  • not possible to add into configuration, once the production has started
  • maximum pressure 5 bar

CHOV-M – Cooling Through Spindle Axis – Oil-Mist

  • not possible to add into configuration, once the production has started
  • separate programmable cooling unit
  • maximum pressure 5 bar

CHM – Oil-Mist Cooling

  • can be added to machine at any time
  • easy to install
  • easy to use


Standardly Delivered Accessories

  • VP10–170 spindle guiding support
  • VK-ISO50 cleaning brush
  • clamping adapters – 15 pieces
  • KM anchoring kit
  • basic tool kit for operation and maintenance of the machine
  • basic spares kit
  • accompanying technical documentation

Optional Accessories

  • VP10–320 spindle guiding support
  • VP10–470 spindle guiding support
  • HPR50, FP40 vertical manual milling head
  • UFP40 universal manual milling head
  • LD650 facing head
  • LN100/LN100X outboard support + technological accessories (limitation of the Z axis travel)
  • UK500, UK1000, UK1500, UK2000 clamping cube
  • UU800, UU950, UU1120, UU1450, UU1620 clamping angle plates
  • spares kit for 3-year operation
  • HEIDENHAIN DA400 compressed-air filter system
  • 3D touch probes with radio/infrared signal transmission (Heidenhain/Renishaw/Hexagon)
  • HEIDENHAIN HR 550 FS wireless handwheel
  • CE security mode 3 (for German market only)

Clamping tables

Milling heads, boring heads

Alternative machining

Boring bar support (steady rest)

Touch probes

Clamping accessories



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ISO 9001

Since the 14th of May 2021 we have been certified according to the new standards ISO 9001 by QES Cert s.r.o.

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